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2022 – The Cross Stitch Plans

When I was very young there was a needle work store down the street from my house. It was called Calico Canvas and Colors. We lived in a fully residential area so looking back it was weird that the store was just...there. Perhaps that is why they moved locations in later years! Anyways.... There was… Continue reading 2022 – The Cross Stitch Plans

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The morning drive was foggy and I remembered

The road was closed. I had to detour. The roads are all different now. Old blacktop has been replaced by new cement and where once there were just quiet crossroads now circles loop traffic you around mindlessly to where you need to be (could you get stuck? maybe you just drive that circle endlessly...). There… Continue reading The morning drive was foggy and I remembered

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The Simple Joy of White Clover

White clover fills my backyard I think everyone has something (usually many things) that you see so often you stop actually seeing them. I experienced this the other day at work (bio-hazard and chemical safety signs!) and then again this weekend with clover. And for me this rediscovery was especially timely since it happened on… Continue reading The Simple Joy of White Clover


Sweater Round Up: 6 Sweaters I Want to Knit

Who doesn't love a round up??! I know I do! There are so many patterns and projects out there that you are always going to miss something good in just a basic search. I think round ups are a great way to draw attention to some really great ones. I already have my next sweater… Continue reading Sweater Round Up: 6 Sweaters I Want to Knit