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The Leaves Are Falling Down

Last weekend it was in the 40s. I wore my sweaters. I had my first fire of the season in the fireplace. My handknit socks came out. This weekend, despite the fact that the leaves are all yellow and orange and falling through the air when the wind blows like autumn snow, it is 70… Continue reading The Leaves Are Falling Down

random thoughts

The morning drive was foggy and I remembered

The road was closed. I had to detour. The roads are all different now. Old blacktop has been replaced by new cement and where once there were just quiet crossroads now circles loop traffic you around mindlessly to where you need to be (could you get stuck? maybe you just drive that circle endlessly...). There… Continue reading The morning drive was foggy and I remembered

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The Simple Joy of White Clover

White clover fills my backyard I think everyone has something (usually many things) that you see so often you stop actually seeing them. I experienced this the other day at work (bio-hazard and chemical safety signs!) and then again this weekend with clover. And for me this rediscovery was especially timely since it happened on… Continue reading The Simple Joy of White Clover