Hello and welcome to Old Pine Hollow. My name is Alison. I am a 30-something medical laboratory manager. This job is very fast paced and stressful, so at home I try to counter it with a slow, creative, and natural life. Oh, and I am also a cat mom to two horrible spoiled babies.

This blog is my journey on that path! The ups, the downs, the successes and failure. My goal is to improve my artistic abilities, craft a whole lot, sloooooow my life down, and work towards my ultimate goal of moving to the North Woods of Wisconsin. We currently own a cabin on one of the many lakes in the north woods and it is my happy place. I am working towards finding a piece of land around there where I won’t be able to see my neighbors, have room for a huge garden, and living quietly there.

I am a passionate knitter, even though I am very slow at it. I also enjoy crochet, cross stitch, quilting, wood carving, and weaving.

I have a small Etsy shop where I sell my handmade stitch markers and progress keepers. I hope to one day expand my selection to include more of my handmade good such a project bags, floss keepers, and floss ring charms.

This blog will mostly consist of home DIY projects, gardening and permaculture projects, learning sketching and watercolors, and crafting. I am a horror genre fanatic so sorry! So expect some reviews and recommendations thrown in!

Thanks for visiting! And I love hearing feedback or ideas so please always feel free to reach out and contact me!