Up North

In The Woods

Ye olde fish cleaning shed

I went north for Beltane this year.

In January my family purchased a cabin in Northern Wisconsin that we had been visiting every year for the past 30+ years. When I was a child my maternal grandfather owned a cabin in the woods in a different part of Northern Wisconsin, but when he passed away the cabin was sold due to disputes within my mom’s family. It was very devastating to me. I loved playing in those woods, looking for arrowheads and pretending I was the only person who walked amongst the trees for hundreds of years (the deer stands I would come across always popped a hole in that daydream). I learned to drive up there! The woods were always very quiet; no people noises, just birds and chipmunks and other small forest animals. It was the only place you could go and not hear cars.

The cabin we purchased this year is very different. It is on a lake! Actually, it is on a large chain of lakes. Lakes, when compared to forests, are very busy. In any direction across the lake you look, there is another cabin (or house). Lots of boat traffic on the lakes during the day. The area we purchased in has a long history of being a vacation spot for people from Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. So summers there are a whole lot different from the summers spent at my grandpa’s cabin in the woods.

But….I LOVE IT! It is so full of memories with aunts and uncles and cousins. And the most special thing? Well, let me explain. My dad was one of 8 children. When I was very young my dad’s side started renting out a whole resort (I say “resort” but the cabins were OLD and not in the best shape to be honest….there were just multiple cabins in one place. Don’t go thinking this was like a fancy all inclusive resort!) a place with 8 cabins every summer for that side of the family to get together. So basically, each family had their own cabin. And the cabin we bought was the one that my immediate family always stayed in!!!!!! My dad passed away in 2012, and while the cabin has been remodeled as the resort was closed and turned into individual cabins to own, many things stayed the same. The bedroom doors, floors, and ceilings, for example are all still original. When I wake up there, I am standing on a floor my dad once stood on, and instead of it only being our floor for a week, it is now our floor for life. I can’t really put into words how amazing and special that is to me. My dad was very important to me and I miss him and think of him every day still.

A few weekends ago I made my way up to cabin solo. It was my first time ever being up there alone. I have to admit I was worried I would feel lonely. Well, surprise. Its Alison. The most antisocial person on Earth. I was juuuuuuust fine. And I wasn’t completely alone for long because another family came up a day later to their cabin.

It was heaven. It is still early in the year so not a lot of tourists where on the lake. The weather was beautiful (a bit cold with the wind but that is ok) and it was so quiet. I loved it. I think I even cried at one point. There was a lot of knitting, a lot of Tribute Brewery Blueberry Train beer (my most favorite beer in the world), some wood carving, and a lot of rest. Jeeze, when can I go up by myself again???? Soon I hope!

It was a magical weekend. I didn’t take too many pictures this time because I wanted to just disconnect and sit my the lake, but I will leave you with some of the pictures I did take. I shot some footage too so I can try my hand at making a video again. We shall see if that comes to fruition.

I wish everyone peace in their heart and love in their actions. Please have a good week!



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