Halloween Stitch Marker Collection

I like collections. I like series and sets where things are all variations on a theme or, as in a book series, there is continuity between all the covers. When I started selling stitch markers and progress keepers a few years ago I would just release stuff a I made it. It was all very random and I didn’t mind at all. I still make and sell in that way too for the most part. But for the first time I am releasing my own “collection”.

On September 1st I will be releasing a series of Autumn/Halloween items that I have been making over the past few months and I am *so* excited! Halloween is my favorite holiday so it is so fun to be able to merge that love with my love of crafting. I have more themed collections planned to be released this year and early next year so please check back to see!

For now I will leave you with a small sneak peak of the Halloween goodness to come and a huge thank you to everyone who has supported my little shop.

Progress Keepers
Stitch Marker Sets

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