I suck at art; and why that is OK

Alright, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s Ok, but for now…..its ok. So what in the heck do I mean by that???

As it turns out, I suck at art. Pretty much all of it. And I am using that word very broadly. I can’t draw, I can’t paint, my photograph skills are lacking, I have no hope of being a freelance graphic designer…..the list goes on. And yet, I have been interested in art, or basically creating, since I was very young and have always had some sort of project going. I think this lack of skill despite a lifelong interest can be chalked up to being a dabbler. I have never actually sat down and stuck to one form or type of art! I am always all over the place!

My first attempt at watercolors. I bought a 12 color Koi Water Colors set. It looks….awful lol

While I am ok with “crafting” after all this time, my fine art skills are really lacking. And this bugs me. I love art! I spend so much time each day looking at what other people create and being both awed and insanely jealous. So I am at the point where I can continue to sit there and wish I could do what other people do, or I could start to try to develop those skills for myself. I used to think the ability to draw and paint was something you are born with, and if you don’t have the skills at birth you never will. But after seeing some artists post their older stuff compared to their newer stuff I started the think that maybe if I practice enough that maybe, just maybe, I can get a little closer to being able to create on the level I want.

So that is what this post boils down to. I suck at art! And that is ok!! For now. Because I want to get better. I want to practice every single day; even if it is only a small doodle.

I am insanely scared of failure. But I think, I hope, I will share some of this learning process here. I know my art is not good, and I am not sharing it online to gain lot of followers or to try to make a living blogging (I wish!) but because I don’t actually know any artists offline. And I think receiving feedback is very important to the learning process, and the reach one can have on the web is HUGE. So hopefully someone will wonder on by and give me a few pointers.

An attempt at some galaxy paintings. The one on the right is actually my first attempt and I am pleasantly surprised how it came out. The one on the left was attempt # 3. I love the colors but obviously the bending didn’t work. I am going to try again this week!

In the meantime, I will share the link to this blog with my sister and she can dutifully fulfill her role as Younger Sister and encourage me to keep trying!


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