Alison Blogs….Take #34?

What is it about birthdays that make you feel so different? August 23rd and August 24th aren’t really all that different. There is no big flash of lightening. The seas don’t part and reveal a lost civilization. I don’t wake up and look different or suddenly have more money or a new job or weigh 20 lbs less. So what is it about birthdays? And New Years???? And new months or even weeks for that matter? Maybe it is because they feel like liminal spaces…even if only in my head.

Blogging is always something I have wanted to do. Throughout the years as different forms of social media came and went (Anyone remember GeoCities?? How many people still use Live Journal?) I have shared my thoughts and creations on the web. Don’t get me started on diaries and journals. I have always had something on my nightstand. Perhaps it is the amateur historian in me that knows that even the most mundane thoughts could mean something in the far, far future. Or perhaps it is the introvert in me who wants some kind of connection that doesn’t involve actual face to face contact. Either way, I have always “blogged” in some sense.

This year, I turned 34. I feel so old!!! And I have spent those days since my birthday thinking about all the things I said I was going to do when I turned 33….and never did. How many of those same things did I say I would do when I turned 32? 31? 30???

My life changed so much in my 33rd year. So many good things that I thought were only ever going to be a dream finally happened!!! My relationship with the love of my life finally sunk in as real (he is actually a good guy! He isn’t using me! He isn’t going anywhere! I love him!!!). We got a kitten together! We bought a house together!!!!

And now I want to keep that momentum going. And more importantly, I want to keep growing as person. I want to embrace my creative side. I want to learn 100 new things! I want to paint my own watercolor Christmas cards! I want to create paintings that I feel proud enough to share with people….and not just my cat!

So that is that. Blogging attempt 34 (well not really but I think you get why I picked that number by now). And this time….I really want it to stick 🙂

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