Dreams, Plans, and Late Summer Feelings

Late summer feelings…..photos not mine: collected over the years on the ‘net.

Wow….Where did August go?? Where did September go???!!! Where did this year go, for that matter? It has been a crazy year for me, professionally, personally, and mentally. I guess when I look back at all that has happened, I am not surprised to see that time has gone by so quickly.

Back in late March, my boyfriend and I bought a house. Not only was it our first house together, but the first house for either one of us! Needless to say, we have been pretty focused on the house. I am not saying it needed that much work, but since it was our first time having a space we could do anything with, we were pretty focused on that lol

In work, my boss left. I was already doing my job and the job of a position below me (and then two thanks to timing), and when he left I had to take on some of his work too. Luckily my counterpart is awesome. Without her I probably would be locked away in a straitjacket somewhere! And stuff, while getting better, isn’t necessarily slowing down.

I won’t get into the mental stuff lol In summary, I am a old soul in a crazy fast paced world who sometimes struggles to find their place.

I have a lot of dreams and hopes and plans. I bet a lot of people do! Fortuately I was blessed this year and with the purchase of my house and a lot of these dreams can finally start to come true! My head is completely FULL of garden plans! Over the winter I hope to share them all with you. And it will be fun to see which of my plans come to fruition. I also have to remember there is a price tag attached with the project too! I am not going to be able to put together my dream garden in the first year!

It is hard to believe it is already fall. To be honest, it still feels like summer. This morning in fact was the first cool morning yet! It doesn’t help that I pretty much missed celebrating Mabon. I bought an apple pie because I ran out of time to make one, but life was too busy to do anything more than eat that! I promise I will do better with Samhain and Yule. Celebrating the circle of the year has become important to me as I feel it connects me with the seasons and the land better in this crazy fast paced world.

And at this point I feel like this has become a random rambling post so I will end it here! I have started making “rustic” or “nature inspired” wall hangings. I can’t wait to share them with you!


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