Sweater Round Up: 6 Sweaters I Want to Knit

Who doesn’t love a round up??! I know I do! There are so many patterns and projects out there that you are always going to miss something good in just a basic search. I think round ups are a great way to draw attention to some really great ones.

I already have my next sweater all planned out, but there is no harm in looking further ahead! Below are 6 great sweaters I want to get on my needles at some point.

01. Portage – This is actually the sweater that I am planning on making next! I already have the yarn all purchased in a lovely shade of green. The back of this sweater has a beautiful texture and I can see myself wearing this on nature walks and filling the pockets with all sorts of woodland treasures.

02. Vuono – I want to knit everything everything by this designer! This sweater is so beautiful. I definitely plan to knit this one up by next winter.

03. Brandied Cherry – Who doesn’t want a hand knit cable sweater?? I haven’t really done much cable work and I don’t know why. I love the way it looks and it is so fun knitting it!

04. Oshima – This sweater is full of cozy fall feelings! The cowl neck looks like it will give you the warmth you need to sport just the sweater and a favorite pair of jeans for a mild fall days!

05. Fern & Feather – One thing I have yet to try is an Icelandic yolk sweater. I am dying to try it! And not only is this pattern gorgeous but the name really draws me in too!

06. Anker’s Sweater – My Size – Another yolk sweater, but this time instead of color work, the yolk’s beauty comes from the texture! I think this is an amazing sweater!

What do you think? Do you plan on knitting any of the above sweaters? Do you have a different one you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!


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